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What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Doral, Florida

There’s a saying that goes, “If you are not true to your teeth today, later they will be false.” There are many causes for why people lose their teeth. It could be bad oral hygiene practices, injury, or even disease. Patients need to consult a restorative dentist to have a thorough assessment of their condition. He or she could be a candidate for a full mouth reconstruction.

full mouth reconstruction service is done to improve the oral health, function, and beauty of your mouth. There are many reasons to seek out a full mouth reconstruction dentist, foremost of which is to restore optimal function to your mouth. Chewing is a hard task when you don’t have enough teeth to do so. Alternatively, your teeth are severely decayed, so you suffer from toothache and discomfort when masticating your food. If you cannot chew your food properly, you sometimes tend to avoid eating, which can result in malnutrition.

Halitosis or bad breath caused primarily by decayed teeth is also a nuisance and must be addressed to improve oral health and well-being. Bad habits such as bruxism (teeth grinding) can cause teeth to erode and may also cause you pain. It can also be that an accident is a reason why you lost a tooth or two. The management of a periodontally compromised patient should be handled by a full mouth reconstruction expert.

We use our mouth every day, so we must pay attention to our oral health. Chewing efficiently is a primary concern daily, and it is not easy to do if you have missing or broken teeth. There are also instances when headaches or migraines can be the result of incorrect alignment of teeth or even by the bacteria from an infected, decayed tooth. A bad bite is another problem requiring dental attention. It may also be a reason for the pain experienced in the jaw area.

Function and aesthetics go hand-in-hand when rebuilding your teeth. Your appearance will significantly improve when all your problem teeth are replaced, and all your dental issues are treated correctly. Missing teeth can alter your appearance because the facial skin tends to sag without the support of a complete set of teeth can provide. State-of-the-art equipment, together with the experience and expertise Dr. Sonia Olivares, will help you achieve the restorative dentistry that you need.

The science of restorative dentistry is a sought-after service the world over in our quest to achieve that winning smile. Our smile is our best asset that’s why patients are seeking out the latest technology to regain a full set of healthy, beautiful teeth brought by full mouth reconstruction Doral, full mouth reconstruction Miami, full mouth reconstruction Brickell, and full mouth reconstruction South Florida.

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