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Three Reasons Why a Tooth Extraction is Required in Doral, Florida

In the past, it has been a dental practice that many teeth problems cannot be remedied, the solution is tooth extraction. But with the modern advancements in dentistry, tooth extraction has become a last resort solution. However, professional dentists and oral surgeons have exceptions to the general rule that makes tooth extraction necessary to remedy a dental problem.

Tooth extraction is a dental process wherein the dentist takes out a tooth from the dental alveolus. It can be either surgical or non-surgical extractions, which may depend on case to case basis.

At iSmile, our dentists will first check out all your teeth and suggest the best solution. Either for tooth removal, root canal therapy or simply for cosmetic surgery like refilling cavities or reshaping teeth, we assure our patients our professionalism, integrity and whom they can trust with their dental problem.

Here are some of the reasons why tooth extraction is unavoidable:


Severely damaged, cracked or broken teeth that fractured the gums beyond repair, the only option is pulling out the tooth. In some cases, the dentist may be able to recover some slightly decayed teeth cases in several ways, but a tooth with severe gum ruined is totally unsalvageable.

We at iSmile, give the best option for any tooth loss. Crowns and bridges are ideal for any damaged, cracked or broken teeth, giving you the perfect smile again!!


Generally, most adults lose their teeth to periodontal or gum disease Infections to the gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligaments, and other parts surrounding the teeth. Tooth removal is the only option since the teeth cannot hang up to the gums because of the infected damage.

At iSmile, we offer dental services for treatment against gum diseases. We have several services to offer that can avoid any more future dental problems.


Another most common tooth removal is impacted by teeth or molars, or ‘wisdom teeth.’ For orthodontic and dental health reasons it is required to remove the teeth because it is stuck under the gums that had not come out. If untreated it can cause the other teeth to shift out of position, and eventually be inflamed that can cause more damages and discomfort to the patient.

We at iSmile, assure our patients the best care with the use of state of the art technology, a detailed x-ray of the impacted teeth giving patients more peace of mind that they are in good hands.

These are the reasons why a tooth removal may be recommended. Just bear in mind that tooth extraction is not the only solution but it is sometimes necessary. However, it is every dentist’s goal to preserve your existing teeth as much as possible.

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