Dental Implant

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants in Doral, Florida?


A dental implant is the latest high-technology teeth replacement procedure usually made up of titanium or titanium alloy material in the replacement of natural teeth. Making a strong dental foundation for either permanent or removable teeth provided it is bio-compatible with the oral cavity that matches the natural teeth. iSmile is your local implant expert.


Generally, dental implants can be available for females starting at the age of 16, while males start at the age of 18. Applicable for dental cases like broken or decayed teeth that cannot be repaired, one or more missing teeth, a tooth removed due to infection, injury, or decay. Dental implants can be an alternative option for dentures may it be partial or full dentures and for bridges also. Since dentures can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for some people, they can be a replacement for such cases. However, some patients suffer from diabetes, and smokers are exempted from implants. Proper dental examination before any implant is a must to know if a candidate is good for a dental implant.


Dental implants have several benefits in comparison to dentures.

Benefit No. 1: Immovable teeth with natural-feeling chewing power.

Dental implants act like having a natural tooth since the titanium has been embedded deeply inserted into the bone, your chewing would be normal as before. As known, it has always been a daily struggle for denture-users to chew properly certain foods such that they have limited their joy of food choices and even others would be on diet due to the denture issue. Moreover, dental implants provide much-improved health due to good and better food sustenance.

Benefit No. 2: Dental implants save on costly teeth-maintenance expenses.

First, the dental implant eliminates the need for denture adhesives, which everyday denture-user struggles. With dental implants, the teeth are intact together in the gums such that denture adhesives are no need. Secondly, with a dental implant there is no need to clean your dentures and apply denture cleaning substances, just brushing and flossing will be enough.

Benefit No. 3: Dental implants rejuvenate lost self-esteem/self-confidence and provide peace of mind.

With dental implants, a renewed spirit of vigor will be restored of what was once low self-esteem and low confidence because of denture issues. Allowing you to smile, eat and talk normally with no restrictions attached. Denture-users worry a lot especially during social gatherings when eating, speaking, and laughing, that dentures might fall off which may cause social embarrassment and forever a laughing stock. However, with a dental implant, you can do whatever you like with no strings attached, living a life of care-free, and without worry.


Each dental case varies as to the duration of the procedure. iSmile, your dentist can provide a dental plan with an estimated time for a complete process. Dental patients return home normally after in-between visits. What’s important is that you get the right treatment, fully comfortable with the treatment, and deserve your money’s worth for years to come.

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Five Advantages of Teeth Straightening

Cosmetic dentistry in Doral FL or teeth straightening procedure is an essential contributor to self-esteem among people having defects with teeth alignment. For all who know, teeth damages could affect how an individual would socialize with other people since it can be easily noticed. Aside from that, it has an impact on our entire look and we have to correct this appearance.

The good news is that it can be fixed through a specialist dentist – Dr. Sonia Olivares of iSmile Dental Clinic.


1. Total Appearance

Pleasing smiles create an atmosphere of good vibe which helps us make more friends. Also, this boosts one’s self-confidence after Orthodontics in Doral FL that lasts much longer than the treatment. Of course, everyone desires a good-looking appearance whenever they meet and talk to people. So, it is also important to make a remarkable impression.

2. Functions

Don’t let your teeth hinder your ability to effectively speak in front of many people. Not only can straight teeth help you chew with ease, but it also influences your pronunciation especially when facing a larger audience. Express yourself naturally with straight teeth fixed by iSmile.

3. Dental Health

Straight teeth are undeniably easier to clean since they are well-aligned. Healthy gums are a result of clean teeth properly brushed and flossed at least twice a day. However, uneven teeth can result in accidental biting of the inner cheeks and tongue during sports or difficult activities.

4. Long-term Results

Once the teeth have been treated with suited procedures like braces, the results will be long-lasting. There may be a temporary retainer after the procedure but only for a limited time.

5. Convenience

More and more patients are having their teeth straightened today due to the awareness of advantages teeth straightening brings. Just imagine, you wouldn’t have to suffer cleaning or maintaining the teeth before facing people with anxiety. With iSmile by Dr. Sonia Olivares, get your set of teeth fixed by Invisalign in Doral FL and be ready to embrace the positive changes.

Get the smile that you’ve always wanted with the help of iSmile by Dr. Sonia Olivares. Schedule your visit now by calling 305-620-8272.