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Dental Care: How to Take Care of Your Teeth?

Dental Safety Protocols

What should I do before seeing my dentist? Is it now safe for me to visit my dentist? Will the clinic be clean and free of virus contamination, preventing me of having an infection? You are likely one of those patients who asks these questions before seeing your dentist.

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and the continuous burden on the healthcare system caused by the Omicron variant, as of February 2022, the City for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releases its new update regarding COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Guidance to secure healthcare personnel, patients, and visitors.

Is The Dentist’s Office Safe?

When you leave your house, you are eventually exposed to germs and viruses. However, all healthcare professionals should comply with strict safety requirements. Your dentist and their staff should wash their hands and sanitize their instruments. Certain equipment and needles are never reused. However, your dentist’s safety practice may take further measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, such as:

Dental Care - Adult

Plaque is a mixture of bacteria and food that causes tooth decay and periodontal disease. After eating, plaque starts to accumulate on teeth within a few minutes. If teeth are not properly cleaned daily, plaque will cause tooth decay and gum disease. If plaque is not removed, it hardens into tartar and gets trapped at the tooth’s base. Plaque and tartar cause gum irritation and inflammation. Due to bacteria and the poisons they create, gums become:

By taking proper care of your teeth and gums, you may avoid issues like tooth decay (caries) and gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis). You can also help your children protect their teeth by teaching them how to brush and floss from an early age.

Plaque and tartar cause a variety of issues:

How To Take Care Of Your Teeth?

Teeth in excellent condition are clean and free of cavities. Gums in good health are pink, firm, and non-bleeding. To keep your teeth and gums healthy, take these steps:

When To Call a Dentist?

Call your dentist if you experience the following signs of a cavity:

Get gum disease treated as soon as possible. Call your dentist if you experience the following signs of gum disease:

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