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Reasons For Full-Mouth Reconstruction | iSmile

Full mouth reconstruction, FMR, is one of the most involved and complex procedures in dentistry. Reconstruction repairs worn down, broken, and severely damaged teeth to the jaw, facial, and full mouth structures. There are a variety of options available for patients seeking a restored smile.

Typical Restorative Measures and Procedures Taken in FMR

Goals of FMR

Countless patients experience dental issues which require comprehensive treatment to improve functionality and esthetics. Patients may exhibit multiple missing teeth, numerous teeth with large, failing, or decaying fillings, cracked teeth, broken teeth, or badly worn teeth due to bruxism (teeth grinding) and other habits.

  1. Allow patients to experience normal mouth functioning.
  2. Create a beautiful set of teeth.
  3. Eliminate gum disease.
  4. Reduce bad breath stemming from disease in the mouth.
  1. Reduce mouth pain.
  2. Repair and restore diseased teeth.
  3. Replace missing teeth.
  4. Stop the cycle of mouth pain and disease

General FMR Steps

  1. Consultation
  2. Panoramic X-ray: Conducted to assess the extent of oral damage and help to determine if root canal therapy is necessary.
  3. Gum Examination: Discovers the presence of periodontal disease.
  4. Cosmetic Evaluation: Establishes desired cosmetic alterations (e.g. whitening).
  5. Diagnosis
  6. Customized Treatment Plan: Surgeries including gum restoration and root canal therapy will likely be done first, followed by dental implants and cosmetic alterations.

Cape Coral and Doral, Florida's Leader in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Sonia Olivares, together with her team in Coral Gables and Doral, Florida, delivers leading full mouth reconstruction procedures.

Dr. Sonia Olivares’ smile design approach utilizes her mastery skills with porcelain veneers, perfecting each patient’s smile. Personally crafting each smile, Dr. Olivares ensures every patient’s distinctive facial features are considered.

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