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Bad Breath Causes and Prevention

Most people experience bad breath at some point in their lives, and 30 percent of the population suffers from chronic bad breath or halitosis in Florida. Dr. Sonia Olivares understands that bad breath is a delicate subject for most people, and for this reason, we treat it with sensitivity.

Bad Breath: What You Need to Know

What is Bad Breath?

Bad breath, also medically called halitosis, is an oral health disease characterized by foul-smelling breath as the primary symptom. Identifying the source of the foul breath is often the first step in treating this preventable disease. For some people, it’s just an occurrence once in a while but for some, it’s a daily problem. With a bad breath Doral treatment, this problem can have a solution. But before we talk about solutions, let’s talk about the top causes of bad breath first.

Top Causes of Bad Breath

Poor Oral Health Care

Most bad breath is caused by poor oral and dental hygiene. If you don’t clean your teeth and your mouth regularly, food particles can remain in your mouth or teeth and a sticky buildup of bacteria (also known as plaque) on your teeth. The uneven surface of your tongue, as well as your tonsils, can trap food particles and bacteria in the mouth which produce a bad breath odor. Poor oral hygiene also causes other oral health conditions such as cavities and gum diseases which can be also associated with bad breath.

Certain Foods and Drinks

After eating certain foods such as onions, garlic, certain vegetables, and spices— these odor-causing food particles enter the bloodstream and are carried to the lungs, where they affect the odor of your breath each time you exhale.

Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Saliva helps keep your mouth clean by removing food particles that lead to bad breath. When the production of saliva decreases or stops, a condition known as xerostomia, which causes bad breath, is likely to follow. This happens naturally while you sleep, which is why most people find their breath to be a bit stinky upon waking up. But if the problem persists throughout the day, bad breath treatment with iSmile Doral and iSmile Coral Gables may be worth considering.

Improper Denture Cleaning

Dentures that are not properly cleaned may harbor germs, fungus, and leftover food particles, all of which contribute to foul breath.

Tongue Odor Causing Bacteria

Certain bacteria on the back of your tongue may react with amino acids in meals, resulting in the formation of unpleasant sulfur compounds.

Periodontal Disease

Bad breath and an awful taste in the mouth are two of the most common symptoms of this gum disease. If you are experiencing this symptoms, contact your professional dental provider immediately. This problem requires quick attention by a dental specialist.


Whether it’s cigarettes, chew, or pipe— these tobacco products cause bad breath and lead to much more serious oral health issues. Apart from leaving your mouth smelling like an ashtray, they damage the gum tissue and cause gum disease. Tobacco users also are at higher risk for the following:

Health Condition

Breath problems might be a sign of any of the following disorders. Consult your physician for a diagnosis: 

What Are the symptoms of halitosis?

The primary symptom of halitosis is an offensive mouth odor that is perceived beyond a socially acceptable standard. The stench may be more noticeable in the morning or after smoking, drinking coffee, or eating specific foods such as garlic.

What Is the Treatment For Halitosis?

Halitosis Treatment is mostly determined by the underlying cause of the problem, which may include:

How can I prevent halitosis?

There are numerous tips you can do to avoid bad breath. But to summarize it all, do the things that promote proper oral hygiene and avoid eating food with a strong smell. Proper oral hygiene involves brushing and flossing your teeth properly, and a regular trip to your dentist.

Halitosis may be avoided or significantly reduced if you:

Bad Breath Treatment in Florida

Dr. Sonia Olivares has an extremely high success rate for bad breath cases and is confident that we can help you eliminate your problem. The vast majority of bad breath cases – nearly 90 percent – are caused by periodontal disease or gum disease. Dr. Sonia Olivares is uniquely capable of providing bad breath and halitosis treatment because she also specializes in the treatment of gum disease.

We understand the embarrassment that bad breath can cause, and Dr. Sonia Olivares can help. Bad breath and halitosis treatment are available at our practice to help individuals reclaim their quality of life and break free from the shackles that this condition places on them.

Don’t suffer any longer! Schedule your Bad breath treatment in Doral, FL and Coral Gables, FL with award-winning cosmetic dentists Dr. Sonia Olivares. Call iSmile Doral at (305) 620-8272, 8353 NW 36th St. Doral, FL 33166 and iSmile Coral Gables at (305) 396-1026, 2725 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Coral Gables, FL 33134.