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Oral Issues and Disease in Coral Gables & Doral, FL

Oral issues and disease pose major health burdens including pain, discomfort, disfigurement, and even death. With billions of bacteria living inside our mouths at any given time, practicing daily proper oral hygiene is a critical, lifelong commitment.

Symptoms of Oral Issues and Disease

Factors Contributing to Oral Issues

Causes of Oral Disease

Types of Oral Disease

Diagnosing Oral Issues and Disease

Most oral issues and disease can be diagnosed during a dental exam. During an exam, dentists closely inspect:

If oral cancer is suspected, dentists may order imaging tests to determine if cancer has spread. Tests may include:

Treating Oral Issues and Disease

Even with proper oral care, routine visits to the dentist with professional cleanings twice a year a recommended. Dentists recommend additional treatments if signs of gum disease, infections or other problems arise.

Maintaining Oral Health

The Dentist's Role

Oral health has an effect on more than just the teeth. Poor oral and dental health can contribute to issues with self-esteem, speech, comfort, nutrition, and overall quality of life. Many oral issues develop without any symptoms. Regularly visiting a dentist for a checkup and exam is the best way to catch a problem before it worsens.

Dentists are doctors who specialize in oral health. Their responsibilities include:

Ultimately, long-term outcomes depend on patient efforts. Cavities are not entirely preventable, but the risk of severe gum disease and tooth loss is reduced with proper oral care.

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