Root Canal

When the nerve of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, patients can sometimes experience severe pain or swelling and root canal treatment or tooth extraction is often required to stop the pain and resolve the infection. With Dr. Sonia Olivares, she provides a team of specialists to treat root canal procedures in Florida. This service is available both to patients registered with the practice and to new patients.

Root Canal in Florida

Root canal treatment is needed when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth is infected through decay or injury. You may not feel any pain in the early stages of the infection. In some cases, your tooth could darken in color which may mean that the nerve of the tooth has died. This would need root canal treatment.

What to Expect

In a root canal procedure, the damaged enamel and then the diseased part of the tooth is removed first. Next, the vacant space is filled from the inside out, finishing it off with a ceramic or porcelain crown designed to match the rest of your teeth. This procedure restores the strength of your tooth. Your pain and discomfort are gone as soon as your root canal is over, and you have full use of your tooth once again. Dr. Sonia Olivares makes sure all of her offices to use the most advanced dentistry equipment and techniques when performing a root canal, and I go out of my way to keep you comfortable.

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