Dr. Sonia Olivares is known for her excellent use of modern methods and exceptional quality of patient care. Periodontics treatment is offered with technical precision by a highly skilled team led by specialist periodontists in Florida, Dr. Sonia Olivares.

Periodontics in Florida

Patients are at the forefront of every good practice, and Dr. Sonia Olivares is renowned for the level of patient care provided. Our aim is to assist every patient in maintaining a good standard of oral health by ensuring that they have the necessary information, treatments, and ongoing care. Dr. Sonia Olivares has a dedicated pre and post-treatment team, trained to help you understand the causes of gum disease and the steps that you can take to help prevent it from recurring.

What to Expect

There are two types of periodontal treatment:

Nonsurgical Treatments

Dr. Sonia Olivares always starts with nonsurgical treatments, opting for the minimally invasive approach with each patient. She begins with a hand scaler or curette to remove plaque and calculus at and below the gum line. Periodontal debridement procedures involving hand tools and ultrasound can smooth the surface of tooth roots. In addition, she uses lasers to treat pockets of bacteria along the gum line.

Surgical Treatments

This treatment is used when necessary, Dr. Sonia Olivares has the trained team needed to restore your gums and bones to health. Gum-grafting restores eroding gum tissue, and crown lengthening reshapes the gums to place a restoration properly.

“I’m getting my Invisalign done at this beautiful and modern place. My boyfriend went in with what we were told by another doctor was a root canal. We came here and the doctor ended up saving it. Huge saving in the pocket. Definitely recommend this place.”

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Dr. Sonia Olivares holds a host of qualifications and is among the best dentists in Florida can offer. If you’re in need of periodontic treatment, call our offices today to see how we can help.