Cosmetic Orthodontics

Life’s a journey. You change every day. Your smile can change too. Lots of people want straight teeth, but no one wants to wear train-track style metal braces. This is especially an issue for adults. When you’re meeting clients at work or trying to build relationships, many people find that wearing metal braces damages their confidence.

The good news is that you don’t need those kinds of braces to make your teeth straight. Dr. Sonia Olivares is your dentist in Florida that showcase what can be achieved with Clear Aligners.

Orthodontics in Florida

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of irregularities of the teeth and abnormalities in their relation to the surrounding structures. With Dr. Sonia Olivares, we pride ourselves on offering a family-friendly environment here in Florida, which also means we have the facilities to treat patients of all ages, as well as those patients that can be nervous when visiting the dentist.

What to Expect

Clear Braces

The improper bite caused by this misalignment is called malocclusion, and it’s the reason both adults and teenagers have orthodontic work done. Traditional braces are the right choice to treat your malocclusion, Dr. Sonia Olivares is trained and ready to provide patients so she can realign your teeth and improve your bite. Traditional braces have a long history as a trusted method for treating malocclusion and improving smiles.

Clear Aligners

With clear aligner, instead of all that metal, we use a nearly invisible series of trays that guide your teeth into the proper position gently and comfortably.

Clear aligner is discreet, allowing you greater confidence when you go out into the world. And it’s also incredibly convenient. Since you can slip out the clear aligner whenever you want, you can eat and drink whatever you want. Clear aligners straighten your teeth in much the same way that traditional braces do. The difference is that the transparent plastic brace system we use is virtually invisible.

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Our team is committed to making treatment affordable. Our fees and interest-free finance plans have been designed with our patients in mind, to help you fit orthodontic treatment into your budget and lifestyle.

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