Metal-Free Tooth Fillings

As a metal-free dental clinic in Florida, we see metal fillings cause more harm than good and they may have been the best that was available 20+ years ago. Nowadays there are replacements that are not only better in appearance but healthier for the tooth and your body.

Certain materials traditionally used in dentistry can lead to health problems, and it is for this reason that we offer our patients metal-free dental fillings, preserving the beauty of their teeth while repairing their bite.

Metal-Free Dental Fillings in Florida

Metal-free dental fillings are available in two possible materials at two different price points: porcelain dental fillings and composite dental fillings.

Composite consists of a healthier mix of plastics and glass which is similar in tone and texture to a natural tooth. Developed as an alternative to amalgam, composite fillings are now the preferred choice of filling for those worried about not only the appearance of their teeth but also their oral health.

Ceramic is another modern choice that is renowned for its strength. It is a higher-priced material, but its strength makes it the perfect choice for patients seeking procedures with longevity, as softer composite may require fix-ups.

What to Expect

Here’s how it works: Dr. Sonia Olivares will start by numbing the area of the mouth around the damaged tooth with a safe, fast-acting local anesthetic. Thanks to this anesthetic, you don’t feel any pain during the procedure, and you’re able to get through it calmly.

Next, Dr. Olivares will drill to remove the decayed part of the tooth and clean it out. That leaves an empty space, which will be filled with a restoration material. If the cavity is particularly deep, she lines the surface of the cavity floor with a layer of protective material.

We use only metal-free dental fillings in our dentistry procedures. Our patients often report that friends and family can’t tell t

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