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After receiving your new dentures, wear them as much as possible.

It is very common to feel some initial discomfort. New dentures typically need several adjustments to feel completely comfortable. Accurate adjustments can only be accomplished if sore spots are visible when you come in for adjustments. It’s very important to call our office for an adjustment time.

Once you are comfortable with your new dentures, it is necessary to take them out at night to rest your gums.

When out of your mouth, keep your dentures in water or a denture cleaning solution, such as Efferdent or Polident.

Clean your denture with a brush and water prior to placing in mouth. Also, continue to brush your tongue, gums, and palate which will stimulate circulation in the tissue and remove plaque.

At first, it may be hard to enunciate, but within a few days your muscles will adapt and you will be talking normally.

Denture adhesives are very popular and can be used to give you extra security with your denture. Lower dentures have no retention and often require adhesives.

You must allow a sufficient period of time (often many months) to break in a new denture. Resist the temptation to go back to your old set of dentures.

Dogs love to chew on and eat dentures. Keep you denture in a safe spot.

Please call our office if you experience pain or discomfort or have any questions.

Avoid chewing on ice or other hard substances on a porcelain crown or bridge to prevent fracturing of the porcelain.

Please call our office if your bite feels uneven, you have persistent sensitivity, or your discomfort increases.

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