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Dental Implants in Doral, FL | Dr. Sonia Olivares


The successful experience of cosmetic / restorative dentist, Dr. Sonia Olivares, counts when her patients present with the need for dental implants to help restore lost teeth.   Most people who have lost teeth are candidates for dental implants, but it is important to be in optimal health, as that helps the bonding between the implant and bone.  Your dentist will screen you very carefully in planning this procedure for you, as successful dental implants require careful planning for each individual case.  Your responsibility as a patient is to share any conditions you may have which could affect this procedure.

The dental implant is usually a titanium or titanium alloy material which is bio-compatible with the oral cavity. Dental implants actually replace the tooth root(s). Implants provide the necessary strong foundation for either permanent or removable teeth that are constructed to match your natural teeth.  Dr. Olivares has the comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified team to provide for your successful dental implant.  Durability, improved appearance, greater ease in eating, etc. – all these results and more will be yours!

For dental implants results that will keep you proudly smiling, Contact Dr. Sonia Olivares today!

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Dental Financing Available!

If you have dental insurance we will help you determine the coverage you have available. In order to best assist you, it is important that you submit your dental and / or medical insurance information to us with your new patient paperwork a minimum of two business days prior to your scheduled appointment.

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Patient's Testimonials

  • I went to this doctor because I had a toothache. The office attended me right away! Service here is very helpful and the doctor is so nice and profesional.

  • It was a great experience, good customer service I recommend it to everyone to come a visit her thanks Dr Sonia Olivares

    AbleDantdm Olivas
  • great location and staff

    Ash Cyress
  • Dr. Sonia Olivares is the best in her industry. She knows exactly what to do to give you the perfect end result and she is a great humble human being. Highly recommend her to anyone.

    Amy Brito
  • One the best dentist in town, good boss good friend it was a blessing in meeting you 13 years ago.

    Doris Rodriguez
  • Me parece una gran dentista y muy Buena amiga

    Idalia Gonzalez
  • Dr. Olivares is so caring and meticulous in her work. The staff is super nice and accommodating. One of the best dentist's I have ever been to! I highly recommend her to anyone!

    Christin Blazekovic
  • Great Results !! Great Results !! Everything on time, great service!

    Steve Blazekovic
  • Dr. Olivares is as good as gold. She was very professional and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone with five stars.

    Mike P.

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