LipLift and DentaLift

Lip Lift Procedure with Dr. Sonia Olivares

As we get older, not only do the pink part of our lips thin, but the distance between our nose and lips also elongates. The combined effect is very aging, and a lip lift in Miami, Doral, Coral Gables and, Brickell, Florida by Dr. Sonia Olivares simultaneously addresses both problems, leaving a natural, rejuvenated appearance, with a very subtle scar.

Dental lift/ Lip Lift in Miami, Doral, Coral Gables and, Brickell, Florida

Upper lip lift surgery, also known as lip lift in Miami, Doral, Coral Gables and, Brickell, Florida is performed to the patients who are particularly not happy with the length of the distance between their nose and upper lip. This procedure can reshape and revitalize thin or ageing lips, where it leads to a more aesthetically pleasing facial line. Lip lift procedure is also preferred by people who would like to look more feminine by increasing the upper lift slightly and make the teeth more visible.

What to Expect:

Lip lift procedure is done under local anesthesia, where the excess skin is removed just under the nose. In preparation for your LipLiftDr. Sonia Olivares restores the symmetry, harmony and, balance of your facial structure. She uses X-rays, study models, photos and an analysis of your bite to understand your facial aesthetics and the role your teeth play in your facial harmony.

This analysis lets her determine the precise angle your front teeth need to support your upper lip and cheeks to perfection. Once done, she can choose the precise porcelain veneers and crowns needed to get the most effective and beautiful results.

A lip lift can really enhance and rejuvenate the upper lip. It can be used instead of lip fillers in certain cases, or in addition to lip fillers. There is a speedy recovery, and stitches are removed around a week later.
Dr. Sonia Olivares is based in Doral, Florida, which makes us the unique dental spa among those who offer cosmetic surgeries in Florida.  Along with the excellent service quality and access to the most experienced dental expert, we provide trust and confidence to our clients by being able to help them pre and post-operation. Our clients feel at safe hands because we care for them and follow up their post-operation closely.

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