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What Causes Teeth Gaps and How Do We Close Them?

If your confidence has been affected by teeth gaps or diastema, you might regard yourself as less appealing or even make you hesitant to smile. If it’s upsetting you, put off all the worries – a front teeth gap can be corrected.

When you’re bothered about your physical look and planning to fix the teeth gap as soon as possible, you must first understand how they existed. Read on the causes of Diastema below:

Causes of Teeth Gaps

Teeth gaps usually occur between the middle-upper teeth and sometimes, they appear around the middle-lower teeth, too. The gaps always happen for various reasons, depending on the person. However, these are the common grounds for Diastema:

1. Hereditary

Presumably, genetics is the most typical cause of diastema. If your parents or even grandparents had Diastema, there is a big chance that you may have it too. The good thing is, this would also mean that your teeth gap case was not driven by some other unnatural causes.

2. Gum Infections

Gum diseases commonly induce discomfort, inflamed or swollen gums, or bleeding gums when brushing the teeth. When gum diseases are not properly addressed, it can generate harsh possibilities like gum enlargement that might lead to a front teeth gap.

3. Irregular Teeth Size

The frenum is a narrow line of delicate tissue between the lips and the gums. Occasionally, large labial frenum forms causing Diastema.

4. Destructive Habits

Bad habits like thumb sucking, inappropriate swallowing, and other practices that implicate your front teeth can also direct to Diastema. If someone already has diastema as a genetic condition and still exhibits routines like this, the front teeth gap can deepen in the long run.

How to Prevent Teeth Gaps?

If teeth gap is common in the family, there can’t be much to be done about them. However, there are always ways to control or stop the interval between front teeth induced by gum conditions and flawed habits, here are the things that you can do:

How to Treat Teeth Gap?

Normally, Diastema or teeth gaps can be corrected using the following ways:

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