Are you experiencing repetitious and unchanging headache or migraine for days?  Many headache patients may consult their medical doctor, however, they should visit their dentist also since headaches are related to oral problems. At iSmile, Dr. Sonia Olivares will evaluate the cause of these conditions.

Medical studies strongly show there is a correlation between headache and dental issues. There is a close physical anatomical linkage of the face, jaw, and head, which in turn reflects one another. Dental headaches or tension headaches are the outcomes of the tension that had added up by the face and the jaw.


Teeth Grinding:

There are several indications that you can be a teeth grinder like sensitive teeth, aching jaw or face, earache problem but you have no ear problem, and you have teeth that are cracked, broken, or flattened. Dental grinding sometimes is caused by stress, which the sufferer clench their teeth.

Uneven or Bad Bite:

If you have a teeth problem that is misaligned or uneven, some missing-out teeth, and loosened tooth most likely you have uneven bites. Uneven bites eventually had to make jaw muscles work harder to bring both lower and upper teeth together, which eventually results in jaw aching and pain.


The dental term used for grinding teeth. Most people do not know they do teeth grinding especially during night times. Excessive bruxism can lead to broken teeth, fractured dental crowns, and split teeth fillings.

Decaying Teeth:

Whenever the tooth enamel and the tooth structure are damaged, you have a tooth infection and eventually a gum disease problem. Most of the time when migraines occur, the patient unknowingly ignores their decaying teeth but instead makes a medical treatment with their doctors.

Normally, most people overlook the warning signs and misidentify to that of normal headaches. But there are some cases also that their medical doctors may not ignore the other possibilities.

Generally, if the sufferer has migraine attacks or normal headaches, and the medical doctor’s treatment methods do not work, they are often referred for second opinions like for dental headache cases. At iSmile of Dr. Sonia Olivares, we received a lot of second opinions from medical doctors who would have their oral problems evaluated and checked.

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